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Jen was absolutely wonderful, caring, and precise with her laser treatments! She was very flexible with me in regards to appointment times and I also had INCREDIBLE results with the laser treatments! I had attempted laser before in a different clinic in California, and ended up getting 2nd degree burns all over my legs due to my tan skin. It took years for the scars to disappear. Jen very meticulously worked with me on this using a specific machine with specific parameters that she monitored continuously throughout my treatments. I never had a single burn/blister throughout the 8 or so treatments I did with her. Before I did laser, I was very hairy all over to the point that it was really effecting my self-confidence my whole life. I did my face, arms, legs, stomach, buttocks, bikini, even my fingers and toes, and am virtually hair-free in these areas now! I can't describe how good it feels to just not have to worry about my body hair anymore. I am more relaxed now that I don't have to worry about hair in these places and my face! Thank you so much Hampton Laser and Jen!
– Mona

My laser experience at Hampton Laser with Jenn has been a successful one. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and would recommend laser hair removal to anyone who has an issue with unwanted hair.
– Fran

I had laser hair removal done at Hampton Laser for lip, face, bikini, underarm and full leg. Each treatment becomes less uncomfortable . If you have had waxing done, pain is less than waxing because it is only for one second and a cool mist of water is automatically applied. After five treatments, I was done.

I have yearly maintenance now with no discomfort AT ALL. Only have to shave hair that is very very fine once in a while in the summer.

SO WORTH IT, no monthly waxings AGAIN!!
– Barbara Grace

I am fully addicted to laser hair removal! It was the best thing I ever did for myself! It was pain free and I saw a difference after my first visit! Each time I go, I want to add another area, since the results are amazing and it lasts without having to worry about waxing every few weeks. I highly recommend Hampton Laser and know you will have a wonderful experience using them.
– Melissa Donahoe

I love laser hair removal.. it is "almost pain-free" compared to waxing!! so quick and easy and such a great permanent end result... I have loved my experience with Hampton Laser for my bikini and under arm areas.. it is totally addicting, makes me want to add a new area!!
– Jenn Rizzo

I went to Hampton Laser in hampton Bays after years of waxing and shaving my legs. The technology is advanced and works. I went a few times and noticed a difference from the start. Jen was sweet, attentive and very professional at Hampton Laser. Wow I am thrilled with the result. I would highly recommend Hampton Laser.
– Caroline Gappelberg